Department of Electrical Engineering

Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology Larkana

The Department of Electrical Engineering Quaid-e-Awam University offers a highly respected undergraduate Bachelor´s Degree Program BE (Electrical) spanning over 4 years and postgraduate degree programmes and undertakes world class research. The Electrical Engineering curriculum at QUEST Nawabshah is prepared in accordance with the most recent HEC guidelines. Electrical engineering is a field that usually deals with the study and application of electricity, power engineering, and electromagnetism and new trends in electrical engineering and its associated fields. The Department of Electrical Engineering is characterized to cover electrical power, power system control, power electronics, and power quality and communication systems which provides tremendous opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction in teaching and research.

Our electrical engineering graduates have been serving the society in key academic, government, and industry positions in different parts of the world. Locally, they have made tremendous impact to the socio-economic development of the country and serving the society in every aspect. The Electrical Engineering Department of Quaid-e-Awam University has designed dynamic and focused curriculum to develop well-trained best manpower in Electrical Engineering for academic, industrial, public sector as well as research. The Department also focuses on inculcating ethical and moral values in students. Students are also motivated to participate actively in seminars, symposiums, conferences, short courses, training, workshops and internships.

The Department of Electrical Engineering is putting best efforts to produce highly trained and capable graduate engineers who can take up the challenges of the real world with knowledge, skill, competency and confidence. The academic quality is based on academic standards and practical work. The students here see their dreams come true. The students are sent for Industrial Training and Industrial study tour to different, industries and electric utilities and generation companies all over country during their course curriculum. This gives students the exposure and assurance to work in an industrial culture. Practical aspects of various subjects are supported by well-equipped laboratories such as machine laboratory, electrical power system laboratory, power electronics laboratory, basic electrical and circuit, High voltage laboratory and communication and control laboratory